The NSMV One ship in the ocean.
Photo courtesy of Texas A&M University at Galveston

Galveston wharf improvements needed to house educational ship

September 1, 2023

In 2020, the U.S. Congress approved $390 million to fund the construction of a National Security Multi-Mission Vessel (NSMV) and assigned the watercraft to the Texas A&M Maritime Academy at Texas A&M University at Galveston. The ship needs a place to reside in Galveston.

Texas A&M University is soliciting architect and engineering services to improve the city’s existing wharf and create a pier/dock extension ahead of the vessel’s expected arrival in 2025. Cost is estimated at $72.5 million with $48 million devoted to construction.

Priorities for the project include:

  • Replacement for the existing bulkhead.
  • New, open-pile pier/dock extension, with mooring bollards and fendering to meet heavy weather mooring analysis.
  • Dredging to deepen the berth at both the pier/dock extension and wharf. 
  • Extension of campus utilities. 
  • Demolition of warehouse structures and expansion of a heavy-duty pavement zone for vehicles and large truck access. 
  • Installation of site security, including camera systems, physical security barriers and fences and site lighting. 

The 525-foot NSMV is outfitted with eight classrooms, a full training bridge, lab spaces, an auditorium, space available for hospital facilities roll-on/roll-off ramps, a cargo crane, and berths for 600 cadets and up to 1,000 humanitarian workers. 

The NSMV is part of a new class of ships built to replace an aging and outdated fleet. These vessels are designed to be used by state maritime academics for training. They also have the potential to pivot to disaster response and relief as needed. 

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