Tennessee transportation official: Leadership earned ‘through consistent actions’

Profiles in Power highlights public officials nationwide who are improving their communities through their dedication, enthusiasm, creativity and experience.

This week’s profile is Jessica Dauphin, president and CEO of the Transit Alliance of Middle Tennessee.

Public career highlights and education: As President and CEO of the Transit Alliance for nearly seven years, I find myself at the helm of a dual mission: fundraising and community empowerment. In this role, I lead with a narrative of advocacy, striving to give voice to communities and ensuring they have a meaningful stake in shaping the outcomes of inevitable change. It’s a journey marked by resilience, empathy and an unwavering commitment to serving the greater good that began in my own childhood.

What I like best about public service: What I find most fulfilling about public service, despite working in nonprofits, is its inherent focus on uplifting the voices and experiences of others. While my role may not be directly tied to government, I collaborate closely with various agencies and even mayor’s offices to understand policies, strategic planning and budget practices. As a member of the Metro Transit Agency board of directors, I witness firsthand the dedication of the staff and the impact of our services on the communities we serve.

The best advice I’ve received: An example of some of the best advice I’ve ever received is leadership is not conferred by a title; it’s earned through consistent actions and genuine connections. This resonates deeply with me because it emphasizes the essence of true leadership: building trust through unwavering dedication to one’s mission.

People might be interested to know that: One thing that might surprise people about me is my background in performing arts. I have a deep passion for the stage and have been involved in several productions, particularly in musical theatre. However, as my career has become increasingly demanding, I haven’t been able to commit to any productions recently.

One thing I wish more people knew about the transit alliance: Something I wish more people understood about the work of nonprofits is the intricate web of passion, collaboration and dedication that underpins our efforts. While the public often sees the outcomes of our work, whether it’s improved infrastructure, enhanced services, innovative programs, they may not fully grasp the extensive teamwork and meticulous planning required behind the scenes.

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