States receive almost $1 billion to grow EV charging network

October 31, 2023

More than two dozen states have begun working to create an interconnected network of electric vehicle charging stations nationwide.

The Federal Highway Administration has allocated a total of $885 million for FY 2024 to all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico through the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program. States will use the funds to build EV charging stations every 50 miles along highways in the designated Alternative Fuel Corridors and within 1 mile of those highways. The federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Law sets aside $5 billion from 2022 to 2026 for the NEVI program.
Specific uses for the funds include:

  • Purchasing and installing charging equipment.
  • Operations and maintenance costs.
  • Purchasing traffic-control devices to direct drivers toward EV charging areas.
  • Informational signs.
  • Data analysis of where existing and future EV owners live, and forecasting travel patterns for future EV charging station needs.

As of Oct. 27, 26 states have begun efforts to build new EV charging locations and related infrastructure, the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation, which is supporting the program, reported.

Before states can receive funds each fiscal year, they must submit a plan detailing how the money will be spent.

Texas will receive the largest share: $407.7 million over five years. For FY 2024, the state will receive $86.8 million.

The Texas Department of Transportation’s NEVI Formula plan, approved in late September, indicates the state will need 56 new EV charging locations to meet the federal guidelines of 50-mile spacing along key highways.

The state has 45 existing charging locations through private funding. Another 34 will be built using other federal funds. Initial construction on EV charging locations could begin in early 2024, according to the plan.

Rounding out the top five states for FY 2024 are:

  • California: $81.7 million
  • Florida: $42.2 million
  • New York: $37.4 million
  • Pennsylvania: $36.5 million

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation will receive a total of $171.5 million in NEVI Formula funding over five years. On Oct. 3, the agency released a draft map of priority locations for its first round of EV charging stations. Construction on the first 56 EV charging projects could begin by the end of 2023.

Ohio became the first state to break ground Oct. 18 on the first of two dozen stations funded through the program. With its second round of funding, totaling $29.8 million, Ohio plans to build 25 additional stations along major highways. Stations will have four ports, per federal guidelines, and be able to charge an electric vehicle in 20 to 40 minutes. Other features include restrooms, Wi-Fi, and food and beverage areas.

“It’s not enough to just add chargers at the required increments — recognizing that drivers will spend a bit of time at these locations, we need to ensure users feel safe and comfortable while charging their vehicles,” said DriveOhio Executive Director Preeti Choudhary, in a news release.

Kentucky recently announced it has awarded $10.9 million in NEVI funds to six private developers to design, build and manage 16 public stations along 11 state interstates and parkways.

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