Episode 2 of the Connection: Vertiports and the dawn of eVTOL travel

January 24, 2024

Introducing Episode 2 of ‘The Connection’: Caryn Moore Lund Talks Vertiports

Welcome back to “The Connection: Partnering Public & Private Entities,” the insightful podcast from Government Market News. In our second episode, Marshall Macomber and Mary Scott Nabers continue to explore groundbreaking topics in government procurement and public-private partnerships.

This episode features an in-depth conversation with Caryn Moore Lund, VP of at Ferrovial Airports, who sheds light on the emerging world of Vertiports. These innovative facilities support electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, promising a quieter, emission-free, and efficient future in air travel. Caryn discusses the benefits, such as reduced noise levels and seamless integration into urban areas, offering unparalleled connectivity.

The episode delves into the anticipated timeline for this technology’s deployment, highlighting the role of the U.S. and other global players. Caryn touches on the partnerships forming between major airlines and eVTOL manufacturers, indicating rapid progress in the field.

Additionally, the conversation explores the challenges of integrating eVTOLs into existing congested airspaces and addresses potential concerns from existing airports. The economic aspects, including the lower operational costs of eVTOLs and potential shifts in regional flight dynamics, are also examined.

For public officials and private sector entities interested in this technological leap, Caryn offers valuable advice on preparing for the advent of Vertiports and eVTOLs. The discussion emphasizes the need for comprehensive planning at federal, state, and local levels, ensuring that every step taken is in line with safety, regulatory, and community considerations.

Stay tuned to “The Connection” for more insightful discussions on the future of government marketplace trends and innovations.

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Meet this week's expert guest:

Caryn Moore Lund is Vice President of Public Policy, Regulatory and Government Affairs for Ferrovial Vertiports. Backed by Ferrovial’s 70 years of transportation infrastructure experience, Ferrovial Vertiports is developing a series of vertiport networks in the United States and Europe. Ferrovial Vertiports will be the safe, secure and efficient landing facilities that will enable the introduction and scaling of Advanced Air Mobility. In her role, Carlyn leads the Federal, State, local, and community partnerships to support the development of zero-emission aviation networks.

Prior to joining Ferrovial in 2023, Mrs. Lund led North American partnerships for aircraft manufacturer Lilium, and served in leadership roles at the US Department of Transportation and on the US House of Representatives Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. She is a graduate of UCLA. Caryn has developed a reputation in the industry as a trusted and experienced leader by aligning various stakeholders and sometimes disparate interests behind a unified, thoughtful, and strategic approach to public policy on the federal, state, and local levels.

Meet Expert Co-Hosts:

Marshall Macomber is a visionary executive with a unique blend of business development, political strategy, communications, and public sector experience. He is founder and president of ThinkP3, a DC-based consulting and lobbying firm promoting innovative infrastructure solutions and alternative delivery models such as public-private partnerships (P3s). He played a key role in the 2021 infrastructure bill, initiating a vital USDOT program for state DOTs. Macomber is also a former Chief of Staff to Congressman Mike Rogers and holds an MBA from Georgetown University. A member of George Washington University’s ESG & Infrastructure Steering Group and other boards, he is a frequent speaker, panelist and moderator at industry events.  A driving passion for growing public transit, building walkable and equitable cities, decarbonizing America’s energy grid, and improving railroad infrastructure and operations gets him up in the morning and keeps him up at night.

Mary Scott Nabers is President/CEO of Strategic Partnerships, Inc. (SPI). SPI is a recognized pioneer in the business of partnering public and private entities for commercial ventures.  A recognized expert in government contracting, procurement consulting, business development, political strategy, and P3s. She is the author of Collaboration Nation – How Public-Private Ventures Are Revolutionizing the Business of Government & Inside the Infrastructure Revolution – A Roadmap for Rebuilding America.

Mary served as a statewide office holder in Texas for a decade and founded Strategic Partnerships, Inc., a 28 year old company that offers procurement consulting, research, government affairs and guidance in Public Private Partnerships to clients from all industry groups. The SPI Team provides consulting services in 18 states and research service in all 50 states.Her articles have been published by media outlets, including Forbes, CNBC, The Hill, & POLITICO.

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