Cranford High School

New Jersey school district planning $75 million improvement project

January 31, 2024

The Cranford Township Public Schools district in New Jersey will move forward with plans to build a suite of kindergarten classroom and update existing facilities at eight campuses after voters approved a bond referendum Jan. 23.

State aid will cover $19.6 million in project costs, leaving the school district to shoulder the remaining costs.

The school district will use $20.9 million to build an additional 16 kindergarten classrooms across four campuses. Each classroom will include .restrooms, furniture and furnishings. The district will spread the remaining $54.1 million across all eight schools included in the bond.

At Cranford High School, the district will upgrade and renovate 18 science and classrooms, including rooms for science labs, culinary arts, digital photography and eSports. The district will also renovate the media center to create spaces to practice new forms of media and collaboration zones. Other plans include renovating the nurse’s area, renovating the bathrooms and upgrading electrical infrastructure.

The district will improve the auditorium by updating the sound system, stage lighting, flooring, painting and air conditioning. The auditorium will receive barrier-free exterior access for ADA compliance. The district will also replace the bleachers and install air conditioning in the school’s main gymnasium.

Aside from replacing windows across the campus, the district will also repair the school’s front steps, walkway and entrances and upgrade the elevator to increase accessibility. Finally, the district will mill and pave the driveway and parking lot.

Three schools – Walnut Avenue, Bloomingdale Avenue and Brookside Place – will receive large, modern media centers to replace their existing media centers. The district will renovate the old media centers into art or music classrooms. The district will also replace the gyms’ windows and install air conditioning for each school’s All Purpose Room and replacement media centers. Plans include building adjoining wings onto the main school buildings, housing four kindergarten classrooms each.

The district will renovate both Hillside Avenue and Orange Avenue Schools’ media center and improve the auditorium by installing a better stage and house lighting system. Both the auditorium and media center will receive air conditioning. The district will also build a wing onto Hillside Avenue School to house four kindergarten classrooms.

Plans include upgrading and renovating the STEAM rooms, culinary labs and restrooms for both schools. In addition, the district will install improved electrical infrastructure and ventilator units. The district will also mill and repave the schools’ driveways and parking lots.

The district will build a large, air-conditioned media center at Livingston Avenue School while renovating the current media center for other uses. The district will renovate the restrooms, upgrade the electrical services and ventilator units, install air conditioning in the All Purpose Room and replace the gym’s windows.

The district will replace Lincoln School’s windows and install air conditioning in its gymnasium. Plans also include milling and repaving the parking lot, renovating the restroom and upgrading the school’s electrical infrastructure.

The town of Cranford is 22 miles southeast of New York City.

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Photo courtesy of Cranford Township Public Schools

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