Houston Community College – Central Campus president: ‘We’re a hub for innovation’

November 17, 2023

Profiles in Power highlights public officials nationwide who are improving their communities through their dedication, enthusiasm, creativity and experience.

This week’s profile is Muddassir Siddiqi, president of Houston Community College – Central Campus

Public career highlights and education: My journey in education and public service has been both extensive and rewarding. I’ve had the privilege of serving as the President and CEO of the Central College at Houston Community College System, where I’ve implemented progressive initiatives to enhance student opportunities. My educational background includes an Ed.D. in Adult Education and Higher Education from Northern Illinois University, an MBA from the University of North Alabama, and a master’s in industrial technology from Illinois Institute of Technology, among other executive leadership programs. My career is underscored by a steadfast commitment to creating inclusive, diverse, and equitable educational environments.

What I like best about my public service is: Public service, especially in the realm of education, provides an unparalleled opportunity to shape futures. I find immense satisfaction in knowing that our efforts contribute to equipping a diverse body of students with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities they need to thrive. Creating pathways for success, whether through establishing new workforce education facilities or inclusive programs, reflects my core belief in education as a catalyst for positive change.

The best advice I’ve received: One piece of enduring advice that has resonated with me was: ‘Leadership is not about being in charge; it’s about taking care of those in your charge.’ This principle has guided my approach to leadership, emphasizing empathy, service, and a commitment to nurturing potential in both students and staff.

People might be interested to know that: Despite my administrative responsibilities, I have never let go of my passion for teaching. Over the past 15 years, I’ve stayed connected with students by teaching various undergraduate and graduate courses. This hands-on engagement keeps me attuned to the evolving educational landscape and the needs and aspirations of the students we serve.

One thing I wish more people knew about the Houston Community College – Central Campus is: Beyond our commitment to academic excellence, Central Campus stands out for its community-centric approach. We’re not just an educational institution; we’re a hub for innovation and opportunity, particularly evident through our state-recognized educational and student service support programs. These initiatives, coupled with our partnerships with business and industry, reflect our deeper mission to be both a launching pad for student success and a catalyst for regional workforce development.

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