Photo Courtesy of the city of Maple Grove.

Minnesota city to make eco-friendly upgrades to community center

November 3, 2023

The city of Maple Grove, Minnesota, will expand its community center to add recreational facilities and update critical infrastructure.

 The $116 million project is in the design phase, with bidding expected to begin by late 2024. Construction is scheduled for winter 2024 or spring 2025.

Plans call for renovating the aquatic center with new pools and family locker rooms. Space will be added for events and banquets, senior programs, the arts and historical displays. The ice arena will be expanded to include new team rooms and maintenance spaces. A walking track also will be added.

As part of the construction process, the facility will integrate eco-friendly solutions to reduce the building’s energy usage and carbon footprint. The building’s infrastructure will be updated to include geothermal cooling and heating systems and insulated roofs to lower energy usage by 80%. This will include:

  • Donating, reusing or recycling non-hazardous waste from construction and demolition.
  • Using salvaged, reused, recycled and responsibly sourced materials for renovations and additions.
  • Replacing plumbing fixtures to reduce water usage.

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