Funds available for commercial motor vehicle programs

April 15, 2024

The Department of Transportation (DOT) is funding three commercial motor vehicle (CMV) programs to bolster the CMV industry while increasing road and operational safety. There are three Notices of Funding (NOFOs) totaling $92.9 million. Each NOFO closes Apr 19, 2024.  

Commercial Driver’s License Implementation Program

The CDLPI is a grant initiative aimed at enhancing highway safety by bolstering Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Programs both at the state and national levels. This program allocates funds directly to states and other entities capable of executing projects that facilitate compliance efforts.  

The DOT released a NOFO for $84.4 million for approximately 60 projects. Eligible uses of the funds include aiding states in meeting regulatory requirements, improving CDL program implementation, conducting research and development, testing, demonstration projects, public education and other initiatives related to commercial driver licensing and motor vehicle safety. 

Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement Training & Support Grant Program 

The Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement Training & Support Grant Program is a new discretionary initiative to train non-federal government employees in the CMV enforcement sector and to develop training materials. The program’s primary objective is to enhance the skills and knowledge of personnel involved in CMV enforcement to improve safety and compliance standards. 

The DOT released a NOFO for $5 million for an estimated three projects. Eligible uses of the funding are specifically directed toward training initiatives and the development of training materials tailored to CMV enforcement activities. 

Eligible recipients include non-profit organizations with expertise in conducting training for non-Federal government employees involved in CMV safety enforcement. These organizations should demonstrate the capability to effectively reach and engage the target population of CMV safety enforcement employees. 

Commercial Motor Vehicle Operators Grant Program 

The Commercial Motor Vehicle Operators Grant Program aims to enhance safety in CMV operations by providing grants to various educational institutions offering training for commercial truck and bus drivers. The grants prioritize programs that train former armed forces members and eligible family members. 

The DOT released a NOFO for $3.5 million for approximately 15 projects. Eligible recipients include accredited public or private colleges, universities, vocational-technical schools, post-secondary educational institutions, truck driver training schools, associations and state and local governments.  

Entities eligible for these grants should be able to provide comprehensive training in CMV operation, contributing to improved industry safety standards. 

Photo courtesy of the Department of Transportation

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