Episode 4 of The Connection podcast: Discussions on equity in infrastructure

February 21, 2024
Join hosts Marshall Macomber and Mary Scott Nabers on the latest episode of The Connection: Partnering Public & Private Entities podcast, as they engage in a dynamic conversation on equity in public infrastructure with Victoria Johnson, global equity director for HDR Engineering, Inc.
Johnson provides invaluable insights into the multifaceted concept of equity, delving into its implications for the distribution of benefits and burdens across communities. From race and income to geography, she sheds light on the complex dynamics shaping infrastructure development in the United States.
As the discussion unfolds, Johnson underscores the importance of strategic partnerships and collaboration among diverse stakeholders, echoing the transformative potential of a people-centered approach to infrastructure planning and implementation.

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Meet This Week’s Expert Guest: Victoria Johnson  

Victoria Johnson

Victoria Johnson is a transformative practice leader with 20 years of experience in infrastructure with a diverse portfolio of work throughout the US and abroad, including Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and the Middle East.

Victoria serves as a Global Equity Director at HDR Engineering, Inc., leading an Equity Advisory Services Practice providing management consulting expertise in large infrastructure programs across sectors, including water, energy, transportation, transit, aviation and the built environment.

Victoria serves in leadership roles in several national professional societies, including the NCS Infrastructure Recovery Panel where she is advising the Biden-Harris Administration and 118th Congress on legislation, including the $1.2T Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act (IIJA).

Victoria is a published author on best practices in people-centered infrastructure, including a congressional article on Capitol Hill, Investing in people to power our infrastructure | The Hill. Victoria is a proud alumnus of Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. She is based in Atlanta and a native of Orange County, California.

Meet expert co-hosts:

Marshall Macomber is a visionary executive with a unique blend of business development, political strategy, communications, and public sector experience. He is founder and president of ThinkP3, a DC-based consulting and lobbying firm promoting innovative infrastructure solutions and alternative delivery models such as public-private partnerships (P3s). He played a key role in the 2021 infrastructure bill, initiating a vital USDOT program for state DOTs. Macomber is also a former Chief of Staff to Congressman Mike Rogers and holds an MBA from Georgetown University. A member of George Washington University’s ESG & Infrastructure Steering Group and other boards, he is a frequent speaker, panelist and moderator at industry events.  A driving passion for growing public transit, building walkable and equitable cities, decarbonizing America’s energy grid, and improving railroad infrastructure and operations gets him up in the morning and keeps him up at night.

Mary Scott Nabers is President/CEO of Strategic Partnerships, Inc. (SPI). A recognized expert regarding P3s, she is the author of Collaboration Nation – How Public-Private Ventures Are Revolutionizing the Business of Government & Inside the Infrastructure Revolution – A Roadmap for Rebuilding America. Her articles have been published by media outlets, including Forbes, CNBC, The Hill, & POLITICO.  Mary was the President and General Manager of two media firms. In government, she served as the Commissioner representing Business at the Texas Employment Commission where she was a high-profile, proactive business advocate who founded The Texas Business Council. Then, Commissioner Nabers moved to the Texas Railroad Commission, the state’s regulatory agency for the oil and gas industry, which at the time regulated approximately $65 billion of the state’s economy annually. 

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