California allocates $239 million for housing projects

California – California officials announced $239 million in Infill Infrastructure Grants (IIG) to seven communities across the state. Under the program, grants are available as gap funding for infrastructure and other capital improvements necessary for specific residential or mixed-use infill development proposals.

Eligible applicants include a city, county, city and county or public housing authority that has jurisdiction over a Catalytic Qualifying Infill Area. A metropolitan planning organization may participate as a co-applicant. This program is administered by the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD)

The grants pave the way for 3,200 affordable-rate homes, 2,150 market-rate homes, and 75 homes built towards ownership. Communities can use the state grants to reduce the cost of housing construction by funding utilities, sidewalks, parks, green space and other infrastructure. The grants also support climate-smart housing and transportation and add opportunities for private developers by reducing costs to build housing.  

The city of Fresno is receiving $45 million for sewer main replacements, a water project, site preparation, roadway improvements, green spaces, residential parking structures, and bus shelters for 11 bus lines. 

A grant of $45 million for the city of San Diego lays the groundwork for site preparation including demolition, excavation, grading, soil stabilization, erosion control, weed control, and dewatering. Funds also cover concrete paving, traffic signals, and residential parking. The city’s transit projects include new bus shelters, bike facilities and new pathways. 

The city of San Francisco plans to spend its $45 million grant to support the acquisition of land for a new park, bike lanes, pedestrian trails, and improved crosswalks. The city and county will also devote part of the grant to paying for soil replacement, geotechnical mitigation, grading and utilities in housing areas. 

The city of Oakland has site preparation work, utility improvements, and road work planned with its $40 million grant. Several capital projects are planned to improve stormwater management, landscaping and address environmental mitigation and remediation.

Building demolition and surface grading, roadway infrastructure improvements, and utility updates are how the city of Los Angeles plans to spend its $35 million grant. The award will also support the construction of 75 units designed toward ownership. 

The city of El Cerrito’s $20 million grant supports the development of transit-oriented development (TOD) at the El Cerrito Plaza BART Station and will pay for the preparation work for a structured parking facility, site utilities, expansion of the bike and pedestrian trail, bus shelters, and landscaping.

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