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Applications for $250 million in Ohio water grants open soon

November 17, 2023

Ohio entities have until Jan. 17, 2024, to apply for $250 million from the state’s Department of Development (ODOD) for projects that improve safe, reliable access to drinking water and improve wastewater infrastructure in underserved areas. The Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Grant Program (WWIGP) opens for applications Nov. 28. 

Eligible applicants include entities that can own and operate public water and wastewater systems and non-profit, non-community public water systems. These include counties, townships and municipal corporations. 

This round of funding will only be provided to construction projects. To be eligible, projects must include plans for expanding, repairing or improving water, wastewater and/or sewer infrastructure. Some examples of eligible projects include: 

  • Wastewater treatment plant improvements. 
  • Sanitary sewer line replacement. 
  • Excess sanitary sewer inflow correction. 
  • Public drinking water treatment facility improvements. 
  • Drinking water line improvement or extensions and repairs. 
  • Replacement and construction of potable water storage towers. 

The funding may also be used to cover eligible costs associated with construction projects. These include water or wastewater treatment facility system improvements, tap-in fees for households connecting to water or sewer systems, professional fees, administrative costs and other relevant costs detailed in the application. 

A maximum of $5 million can be awarded to projects that identify matching funds. Individual projects that do not have matching funds or other inhibiting factors may be awarded up to $10 million at the discretion of the director of development. 

Over the course of five rounds of funding since 2021, over $500 million has been awarded to 343 projects across the state. 

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