Courtesy of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

$1.2 billion replacement bridge planned in Pennsylvania county

November 24, 2023

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PDoT) will replace bridge on an Interstate 83 over the Susquehanna River in Cumberland County to improve traffic flow and safety. The 63-year-old bridge is reaching the end of its service life and needs to be replaced to avoid continued high-cost repairs and maintenance.

Construction on the $1.2 billion replacement bridge will begin in 2026.

As part of the project, PDoT will also reconfigure a nearby interchange, replace a separate bridge and reconstruct a local viaduct. The state will widen the new bridge to five north and southbound lanes, including full inside and outside shoulders and a central median.

To accommodate the extra lanes, the project will replace, widen and lengthen a connecting bridge on the west side of the river. The replacement bridge will feature two north and southbound lanes.

The bridge shoulders and sidewalks will be widened to improve pedestrian and bicyclist mobility. PDoT will also relocate an exit and entrance ramp, realign a nearby street and install a sound wall along the bridge to reduce noise pollution.

On the west side of the river, PDoT will reconstruct a 214-foot viaduct with three lanes in each direction. The viaduct will connect with a reconstructed interchange, featuring a two-lane collector-distributor road to provide access for local traffic, auxiliary merge lanes and widened mainline alignment.

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